Saving the honey bees

What an incredible experience.

I found a bee hive that was about 4 years old inside the walls of my house. I didn’t want to exterminate them as bees play such an important role in nature. I saw a documentary on the disappearing of the bees all over the world which was a real eye opener for me. After researching my options, I was introduced to a master bee keeper from named Shawn who was very knowledgeable and terrific to work with. I would encourage anyone with a bee problem to contact him and let a professional handle this situation.

Here is a fascinating video of how it was removed. BZB-Honey master bee keeper Shawn was able to save most of the bees and they are now in Winona Ontario. Check out the video

Seasons Grande Day 30

Seasons Grande is owned by Pete & Vicki Wilhelm who are local residents of Baden.  It was purchased from the Egli brothers whose business thrived in our community for 37 years and reopened under the new name, Seasons Grande on August 2012.  Egli’s meats were supporters of the community; in fact remember as a kid they sponsored my hockey team back when I was 12 years old.  It’s nice to see as you look at all the products in the store, that Pete and Vicki are big supporters of local businesses.   

Seasons Grande is located at 162 Snyders Road E Baden, Ontario.

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The Waterlot Day 25

 I remember my first job I got in grade nine working as a dishwasher in the kitchen of the Waterlot.  I also remember that every time you worked a double shift, which I did a lot because I loved working for minimum wage of $4.15, I would receive a meal.  I always looked forward to this dinner and I remember it always being so good!  Times haven’t changed that much as the kitchen is still preparing incredible entrees and they still have an amazing Sunday brunch.  Everything they serve is still carefully prepared in the kitchen and bake shoppe.  Oh, I forgot to mention how much I loved the bake shoppe and how the staff used always used to bake a little extra just for me!  Take it from me, a person who has seen firsthand the care and detail that goes into each dish they serve.  If your looking for casual. fine dining, this is a great establishment to visit

The Waterlot is a great place to have a party as they have several private dining rooms and you can even get married on the banks of the river and have your wedding here.  They also have a B&B if you’re traveling and looking for accommodations.   The Waterlot is located at 17 Huron Street New Hamburg, Ontario.


A Great Cafe! Day 24

MeMe’s Cafe

A cozy spot to stop and have a coffee and fresh muffin.  Great atmosphere with very friendly staff


Hours of operation are:  Mon- Fri 7am-6pm  Sat. 8:30-3pm  Closed Sundays

102 Peel Street New Hamburg Ontario

A Peaceful place to Unwind. Day 11

Crown Lands Petersburg, Ontario

After your Thanksgiving feast this weekend, consider this as an option for the whole family.  Just off the 7/8 highway, take the Petersburg Notre Dame Drive exit.  Turn south and immediately on your left you will find Crown Lands with a number of different walking trails.   Only 10 minutes from Kitchener or New Hamburg, its great alternative to the couch after having that extra piece of pumpkin pie.

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Community Spirit Lives Here! Baden, Ontario

Day 2  

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New Hamburg…. My home Town

I thought a great way to start off WaterlooRegion365 would be highlighting my home town which I love… Newhamburg. Enjoy

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This week begins a new little project.

This week begins a new “little” project.  I’ll be posting new and interesting blogs encompassing Waterloo Region Ont. and surrounding areas. Maybe a festival to attend. Perhaps a restaurant, fun activity or hidden gem that not a lot of people know about.  This will hopefully be a great community resource from the perspective of a lifelong resident who loves his hometown and also a great resource for those looking to relocate to Waterloo Region and surrounding areas.