Nith River Chop House Day 28

You got to love eating at a place that supports local business.  The Nith River Chop House uses all local meats, veggies, apple butter and even the bread comes from across the road from a neighbouring bakery.    After an entertaining interview with the chef, Matthew Cressey, I was told that they even grow some of their own herbs and he explained how every ingredient used is fresh. In the top 10 restaurants of all of Waterloo Region, they were ranked a very impressive #8 by Squidoo!  One of their specialties that got them there is the incredible schnitzel. 

The atmosphere is awesome as the place is tastefully decorated in a western country theme. 

For more info and to see their daily specials go to follow them on facebook or Twitter @NithChopHouse

 Thank you Nathan Wiles for being so accommodating and helpful.  I will be visiting soon!

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Kissing Bridge Day 26

The “Kissing bridge” located in West Montrose, Ontario and spans across the Grand River on a road that between Guelph and Elmira.  It is the only covered bridge left in Ontario

When it was built back in 1881, a local bridge keeper would keep the kerosene lanterns lit nightly and helped with snow shovelling so horse drawn sleighs could pass through.  Today, local residences living near the bridge volunteer their time and maintain the bridge, painting and help keeping it clean.  There are many different stories about how the bridge got its name of “Kissing Bridge”.  I was told that if you kiss under the bridge your love will last forever!

Today the bridge is still closed and being assessed by engineers for safety reasons.  The bridge suffered a broken beam in the structure caused by wear and tear of overweight vehicles crossing.  There is talk of having load sensors and cameras on the bridge to protect it from unauthorized oversized loads

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The Waterlot Day 25

 I remember my first job I got in grade nine working as a dishwasher in the kitchen of the Waterlot.  I also remember that every time you worked a double shift, which I did a lot because I loved working for minimum wage of $4.15, I would receive a meal.  I always looked forward to this dinner and I remember it always being so good!  Times haven’t changed that much as the kitchen is still preparing incredible entrees and they still have an amazing Sunday brunch.  Everything they serve is still carefully prepared in the kitchen and bake shoppe.  Oh, I forgot to mention how much I loved the bake shoppe and how the staff used always used to bake a little extra just for me!  Take it from me, a person who has seen firsthand the care and detail that goes into each dish they serve.  If your looking for casual. fine dining, this is a great establishment to visit

The Waterlot is a great place to have a party as they have several private dining rooms and you can even get married on the banks of the river and have your wedding here.  They also have a B&B if you’re traveling and looking for accommodations.   The Waterlot is located at 17 Huron Street New Hamburg, Ontario.


Dogtopia! Day 18

Nice day for a doggy swim!

Beaver working hard!

Snyder’s Flats Bloomingdale, Ontario

The Snyder’s flats are located off Sawmill Road in Bloomingdale, Ontario Canada.  This used to be a gravel quarry and was converted into a conservation area.

It will take you 10 – 15 minutes to get here from Kitchener or Waterloo.  If you drive down the bumpy gravel road past the Mennonite Church in your right, you will see some parking at the dead end.  There is a 4.5 Km trails looping around taking you back to the start.  It is a well groomed trail that is fit for little ones and strollers and takes about an hour to walk.  Take your dog and he will love you for it! It’s doggy heaven if you have a furry swimmer in the family!

Our dog Tucker thinks this is DOGTOPIA!

Very Peaceful walk that only takes an hour from start to finish

Day 16 Laurel Creek Conservation Area

Laurel Creek Conservation Area is located minutes away from the city at 625 Westmount road RR3 Waterloo, Ontario.  I have driven by this several dozen times in my life and never really thought much of it.  I was surprised at the size of this conservation area so close to the city.  They offer a camping,  picnic shelters for corporate groups or family get togethers, a baseball field and has a beach.

Fall is one of the best times to go camping especially if you’re not a fan of the bugs or like a more private setting with less people around.  It is also easier to book in the fall compared to the summer months and you get to see all the fall colours.   The park closes the Sunday following Thanksgiving weekend and is only open to cross country skiing through the winter months.

For more info

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Day 15 Waterloo Park, Ontario

Waterloo Park is 111 Acres right smack in the middle of Uptown Waterloo, Ontario.  There is a lot of history woven into this park such as Abraham Erb’s Grist Mill, Waterloo’s first school house and the original farm house.   Bring the entire family as there are lots of animals for the kids to see and Victorian gardens about the park.

Waterloo Park has an amazing “Wonders of Winter” Christmas light display which we will go to in a few months.

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That’s a HUGE Pretzel! Day 14

Waterloo Mayor’s Oktoberfest Kickoff

The Waterloo Mayor’s Oktoberfest luncheon  took place today in front of Waterloo Town Square today from 11 – 1 this afternoon.  There was free sausage on a bun, live music by  The Black Forest Band, Miss Oktoberfest, and Onkel Hans too…whom I still call uncle Hans.

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Do you Believe in Magic! Day 13

Kind of Magic is one of the largest magic stores in Canada located right here in Waterloo.  The  store  used to be located on King Street Kitchener and now has just expanded taking on Seams Like Magic and Mavis Theatrical, making this a 3 in 1 store, where you can go to find all your magic, costume, and juggling supplies.  Kind of Magic helps  the Stratford Festival, Cirque du Soleil, the CBC and other production companies with face and body art supplies.

The staff is extremely helpful and friendly and you can tell they really enjoy what they do.  I had a blast and left the store with a smile on my face.  I will definitely come back here.

The 4500 sq. Ft store is located on 321 Weber St N.  Waterloo

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Easiest way to Travel! Day 12

Waterloo Regional International Airport

Today I visited our own International airport in Breslau Ontario.  This “little” airport is booming and continues to expand its flights… you can even fly to Punta Cana!

I think it is great when you can get off the flight, quickly grab your luggage and head straight to your car without having to wait for a shuttle to take you to your parking lot.  At this point, all you want to do is get home!  And if you live in Waterloo Region, that shouldn’t take you very long at all.

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Day 9 Victoria Park Kitchener, Ontario

Nice day for a walk in the park.

I must apologize the tardiness of todays post as I had internet issues with Rogers 😦

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