Saving the honey bees

What an incredible experience.

I found a bee hive that was about 4 years old inside the walls of my house. I didn’t want to exterminate them as bees play such an important role in nature. I saw a documentary on the disappearing of the bees all over the world which was a real eye opener for me. After researching my options, I was introduced to a master bee keeper from named Shawn who was very knowledgeable and terrific to work with. I would encourage anyone with a bee problem to contact him and let a professional handle this situation.

Here is a fascinating video of how it was removed. BZB-Honey master bee keeper Shawn was able to save most of the bees and they are now in Winona Ontario. Check out the video

A great place to catch the game! The Aud. Day 29

The  Kitchener Auditorium is located at 400 East Avenue Kitchener Ontario.

 Home of the Kitchener Rangers.   

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Kissing Bridge Day 26

The “Kissing bridge” located in West Montrose, Ontario and spans across the Grand River on a road that between Guelph and Elmira.  It is the only covered bridge left in Ontario

When it was built back in 1881, a local bridge keeper would keep the kerosene lanterns lit nightly and helped with snow shovelling so horse drawn sleighs could pass through.  Today, local residences living near the bridge volunteer their time and maintain the bridge, painting and help keeping it clean.  There are many different stories about how the bridge got its name of “Kissing Bridge”.  I was told that if you kiss under the bridge your love will last forever!

Today the bridge is still closed and being assessed by engineers for safety reasons.  The bridge suffered a broken beam in the structure caused by wear and tear of overweight vehicles crossing.  There is talk of having load sensors and cameras on the bridge to protect it from unauthorized oversized loads

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That’s a HUGE Pretzel! Day 14

Waterloo Mayor’s Oktoberfest Kickoff

The Waterloo Mayor’s Oktoberfest luncheon  took place today in front of Waterloo Town Square today from 11 – 1 this afternoon.  There was free sausage on a bun, live music by  The Black Forest Band, Miss Oktoberfest, and Onkel Hans too…whom I still call uncle Hans.

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How do ya like them apples!! Day 10

Wellesley Apple Butter and Cheese Festival

Yesterday I visited the Apple Butter and Cheese Festival which takes place on the last weekend in September every year in Wellesley, Ontario. The weather was perfect!
Congratulations to Wellesley volunteers and the many other supporters of this event who all came together to raise money for the town, whether it is used for major projects such as buying parkland or just installing new floors in the hockey dressing rooms. With all the donations, volunteering, and planning that goes into this action packed day, it was a huge success!
As I was passing the line for the apple fritters, I overheard a little boy explaining to his father,“Why wouldn’t anyone not want to come here“! I couldn’t have not said it better myself 🙂

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All the Beer you can Drink! Day 5

Brick Brewery Waterloo, Ontario Canada
Looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon?

You have probably driven by this brewery several times and not known all that it has to offer.
Check out the beer tasting every Saturday at Ontario owned Brick Brewery on 181 King South and sample some award-winning beers for $5. You can also reserve the Red Baron Lounge for 30 of your friends which includes 2 bartenders and all the beer you can drink!

There is something about authenticity of tasting cold beer while it’s being brewed all around you….

interesting fact… Brick Brewery is Ontario’s largest Canadian-owned and Canadian-based publicly held brewery

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A Hidden Paradise Day 3

Hidden Valley, Kitchener Ontario Canada

Here is a very cool part of Kitchener that is sort of “hidden” although it’s in the centre of the city. The design and architecture of the houses there is very impressive. For me it’s not the size of the homes but the attention to detail and design which is displayed throughout Hidden Valley.

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This week begins a new little project.

This week begins a new “little” project.  I’ll be posting new and interesting blogs encompassing Waterloo Region Ont. and surrounding areas. Maybe a festival to attend. Perhaps a restaurant, fun activity or hidden gem that not a lot of people know about.  This will hopefully be a great community resource from the perspective of a lifelong resident who loves his hometown and also a great resource for those looking to relocate to Waterloo Region and surrounding areas.