Day 7 Herrle’s Country Farm Market

Just heading West down Erb Sreet Waterloo yesterday, past the round-about at Ira Needles. To my left and to my right, all I can see is the largest commercial centre in the Twin Cities that spreads all the way across from Kitchener to Waterloo. There is a Sobey’s, Wal-Mart and I’m sure, lots of other food related stores to choose from. If you choose to keep driving straight through for another 2 kms down Erb street and on the left you will see a market. With all the pumpkins displayed, kids playing on the wooden train playground and the cars coming in and out, you won’t be able to miss it!

I was surprised to see so many people here, as there are lots of other stores close by that put food on the table. These loyal customers must see the value in supporting a local business and appreciate fresh, home-grown produce. I’m also sure these people appreciate the feeling they get when shopping without the hundreds of flourescent lights shining down on you like in a big box store. Instead, you have timber beams that make up the barn-like structure and a large model train, making its way around the store on it’s tracks across the top of the roof beam.

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